Nasir Roshan khan a 12th class talented guy hailing from Nowshera area of Boniyar Tehsil of Baramulla district is an author of book titled”Heal The Humanity”and co_author of various books.

Besides writing poetry,he writes scripts, motivational stories,dialogues for production houses in kashmir, presently working with Ehsan Productions and former worked for Nirvana entertainers.


Nasir Roshan khan is a studying at Govt High Secondary school Boniyar in 12th standard and has opted Humanities stream with English,Urdu, History, Political science and Economics subjects ,upto 10th standard he has done his schooling from Syed Sakhi High school Nowshera Boniyar.

About writing journey

Writing journey of author started in feb 2020 in a tuition centre when he was reading the book of Anne Frank titled “Form the dairy of Young Girl” in which a sentence”paper has more patience than people”inspired him to write.

Family background

His father Mohammad Roshan khan is a Govt employee and his mother Saleema Begum is house wife ,as said by author , family supports and also encourages him to write more for the betterment of society.

Aim of Author

Although While talking with Nasir ,he said as people say me I am multi-talented so I have multi aims, different desires ,in the field of Academics I want to join civil services but in the field of passion/profession I want to be a good author in the World and further I want to write different kinds of scripts for Bollywood and Hollywood industries.

Besides all that author aslo promotes his mother tongue Pahadi language through podcast”Pahadi talks with Nasir ” .

He has been fecilitated by various NGO’s of valley for his book “Heal The Humanity” and recently at Dak Bangalow he was praised with an award by jk students movement and he has also collaborated with Writers Desk and has setup his own unit of publication under Writers Desk titled “Nasir’s Book Club” for the budding authors of Kashmir valley to help them in publishing . And he was also awarded with “Pen Player of 2021” title given by JKSC .He want to save his society from present day social evils which are existing and spoiling the youth of our Valley ,he also participates in sports activities whether it may be at school level or other than school level ,he likes to play chess game and cricket game mostly as he considers playing games a good activity which keeps you fit and healthy.Currently working on his second project which will be very soon in front of people.