Former MLC Shenaz Ganai thanks PM Modi for historic Scheduled Tribes amendment bill || Former MLC Shehnaz Ganai To Join BJP, Another from Bandipora Likely To Switch To PDP

Former MLA Dr Shenaz Ganai has thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the historic Scheduled Tribes amendment bill, saying this “landmark bill will pull the oppressed Paharis out of the clutches of the oppressors”.

“On behalf of the Pahari community of Jammu & Kashmir, I express my gratitude to every Honorable member of the @LokSabhaSectt, who voted in Favour of the Constitution (Jammu & Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Bill, 2023, granting scheduled tribes’ status to Paharis Ethnic Group,” she said, in a statement.

“This landmark bill will pull the oppressed Paharis out of the clutches of the oppressors who for long have been victimized and reduced to non-entity vote banks due to the dirty local politics.

“It is only due to the humane approach of the Modi government towards the minorities, that this politically and economically vulnerable class of J&K’s society finally found empowerment in real sense.”

She added that the introduction and passing of this landmark legislation is only possible viz resolute belief of our Prime Minister @narendramodi towards empowerment of every class in J&K.

“Meanwhile, it is pity on part of the local political parties who claim to be saviours of people of J&K, still continue to penetrate a sense of fear among the other Schedule Tribes of J&K regarding the dilution of their Schedule Tribe status. They do this to stay relevant in J&K political arena by systematically exploiting both the Pahari and the Gujjar tribes for their petty vote bank politics.

“I fervently believe there is no more any scope for such vested interest politics as the J&K Schedule Tribes stands awakened communities and are loyal to the government for all times to come.”