In the past 24 hours, Jammu & Kashmir experienced light to moderate rain in most areas, with light snowfall in higher reaches. The weather forecast for the coming days is as follows:

  • 15th April: The region will be generally cloudy with intermittent light rain and snow in higher reaches until afternoon, followed by gradual improvement.
  • 16-17th April: Expect partly cloudy skies with light rain in isolated places.
  • 18-19th April: Generally cloudy conditions with light rain and snow in higher reaches, accompanied by thunder and lightning from the night of 18th to late evening on the 19th.
  • 20-25th April: Dry weather is expected, with the possibility of afternoon or nighttime thundershower activity.

Advisories and Precautions:

  • Farmers: It is advised to suspend farm operations until 16th April due to the weather conditions.
  • Transportation/Tourists: Temporary disruptions may occur over some higher reaches on 15th April, so travelers are advised to plan accordingly, consider the weather conditions while planning your trips, as temporary waterlogging and the possibility of landslides/mudslides and shooting stones are expected.
  • Overall: Stay updated with weather forecasts and take necessary precautions for any outdoor activities during this period.

MeT Department Srinagar