To elevate the culinary experience for visitors to the renowned tourist destination of Gulmarg, the grand inauguration of “Snow Spice,” a unique restaurant cum café, took place on Saturday.

The event was attended by prominent figures in the hospitality sector, with the CEO of Gulmarg, Waseem Raja, Assistant Director of Tourism, Javiad ul Rahman, IISM principal Colonel Thappa, and SHO Gulmarg Haroon in attendance.

Established by the seasoned entrepreneur Shahid Rasool Thoker, who brings over a decade of experience in the hospitality sector, “Snow Spice” aims to redefine the dining landscape in Gulmarg.

Thoker, a business administration graduate from Punjab University, has a rich background in the industry, having previously held a managerial position at the globally acclaimed Marriott International for five years.

Speaking at the inauguration, Thoker expressed his vision for “Snow Spice,” stating, “I’ve been immersed in Gulmarg’s hospitality scene for many years, and I recognized the potential to offer our guests an elevated dining experience with a diverse menu.”

Drawing inspiration from his tenure at Marriott International, he added, “My time at one of the world’s leading hotel chains provided invaluable insights into the industry. This experience motivated me to conceptualize ‘Snow Spice,’ a venture that aims to merge quality and variety seamlessly.”

Understanding the preferences of the guests, Thoker emphasized the importance of incorporating local flavors while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

“We noticed a demand for quality local cuisine coupled with a focus on hygiene. ‘Snow Spice’ is designed to fulfill those desires, offering a delightful blend of local authenticity and international standards,” he stated.