You might have read about a lot of bizarre and sometimes abhorrent things happening in Uttar Pradesh. But this latest incident will certainly rank among the top of those weird things.

At a primary school in UP’s Etah, a teacher opened fire at his headmaster with a licensed pistol after he was questioned for being chronically absent at school. The incident took place as the school started Tuesday morning

According to reports, the school headmaster, Arvind Kumar, said that the assistant teacher, Digendra Pratap Singh, was often absent from school. They had several arguments with him about the issue in the past.

On Tuesday, Digendra Pratap Singh came to school and also signed for the previous absent days. When the headmaster opposed him, he was beaten up. Kumar alleged that the teacher fired three shots with a licensed pistol. He narrowly escaped the firing.

It was captured on a video that has since been widely shared on social media.

The sound of gunshots created panic in the school. After firing, the accused teacher allegedly left the premises waving the gun and hurling abuse.
Kumar said the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) had been informed of the incident and Block Education Officer Sakeet Neerja Chaturvedi investigated the matter.

The children and others present were questioned and the matter was found to be correct. The teacher was immediately suspended