Srinagar: Mumbai based record label namely One cup Music shot their first project in the beautiful valley of J&K. The Kashmir-born actor Ummer Khan (who has contributed to numerous Bollywood projects) and the Mumbai-based actress Ronia Khan were chosen for this musical video, which was shared on their social media accounts.

The video explores the beauty of J&K, which is frequently referred to as paradise on earth.

With his aspirant skills, Ummer Khan not only played his part in the performance, but also directed the entire project. The people of India, especially those in J&K, adore the project video.

Speaking of Ronia Khan, whose performance in the song video is equally noteworthy, she offered her perspective on the valley during the musical video shoot and stated that Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that she loves to travel and work there frequently.

Even their second song, “Kar Du Bayan,” which they released, was shot in Kashmir with the same actors, Ummer Khan and Ronia Khan.
Anurag Maurya, a well-known Bollywood singer and composer, is known for his melodic song Kar Du Bayan, which is enjoyed by many people in the nation.

Now they are working on their new project “Sun Dildara” which is a combination of rap by Ummer Khan and song by Ronia Khan which will be released soon.

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