The National Child Development Council (NCDC) members in a meeting requested the Government of India to take away the age limit criteria for UG admissions in Universities.

NCDC Core committee suggests that the age restriction criteria which is being followed in some universities for acquiring regular degree course, should be removed.

They said that “the reason is that the education which is the right of any citizen, should not be denied to anyone on the basis of age criteria.”

A statement issued by NCDC reads that, “This applies to mostly women who are forced to discontinue their studies due to familial issues. Such students also should be provided chance for getting eligibility to take up the UG Programme on regular basis.”

All the members favoured the same and said that, “we should stand up for the women’s rights as a women empowerment organization.”

The Master trainer of NCDC and Global Goodwill Ambassador Baba Alexander said that education has to be a continuous process and there should not be any age bar for it.

He also suggested mixed age group education in universities will be very effective if encouraged.