Srinagar: The core committee of the National Child Development Council (NCDC) on Monday held a meeting, in which they celebrated Homeopathy Day, and condoled the demise of well-known theatre actress Jalabala Vaidya.

The members while celebrating the Homeopathic Day have said that the government of India should take steps to promote the homeopathy system of medicine, as “the system is practiced in many countries, while its remedies are mainly made from plant and animal products, besides minerals or inert materials.”

“The homeopathy system of medicine plays a vital role in Disease Prevention & Health promotion,” One of the members working in the NCDC said.

Homeopathy Day is observed on April 10 every year, which basically marks the birthday of Father of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who was a German physician.

Meanwhile, the core committee members of the council condoled the death of Jalabala Vaidya, legendary theatre actor and co-founder of the capital’s iconic Akshara Theatre, who died in New Delhi on Sunday.

“Born in London to an Indian author, Jalabala Vaidya started out as a journalist, writing for various national newspapers and magazines in Delhi.”

Notably, NCDC is a self-governing national child welfare organization established to promote women and child welfare and ensure child education in India.