The Core committee of National Child Development Council (NCDC) on Monday observed World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2022.

The most important goal was to elevate recognition of intellectual fitness troubles across the global, in addition to to mobilise efforts in aid of mental health.

On the occasion, NCDC members said that, “Unfortunately, even after years of celebrating World Mental Health Day, mental health isn’t always appeared with some thing just like the identical significance as physical health.”

They said that, In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has improved fitness inequalities and has affected people`s mental health worldwide. The contributors stated that the disaster has impacted the lives of people all around the globe, and now extra than ever, administrative center leaders need to aid their employees` intellectual fitness.

The Master Trainer of NCDC, Baba Alexander suggested that mental health related topics should be included in school curriculum.

The program coordinator of NCDC Dr Sruthi Ganesh opined that the organizations all over the world should observe this day by means of seminars or training sessions with various experience sharing sessions from experts.

Other members present in the meeting were Sudha Menon, Muhammed Risvan, Arathi I S and Bindhu S.

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