Srinagar: Samar Jan, also known as Shah Samar Imtiyaz, a talented researcher, writer, and host from KP road Anantnag, Kashmir. She recently completed her post-graduation at the Sher e Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Samar is a published author and poet. She has written the book “The Rainbow,” which explores the various forms of love and its power to bring about positive change. She has also co-authored the books “Mated Talk-Hell or Heaven” and “Life in Fervour.” In addition to writing, Samar has hosted various programs and podcasts, and even presented her research at an international conference at Kashmir University.

But Samar’s talents and achievements don’t stop there. She was shortlisted as a brand ambassador for Lemon ideas (innovation cell), and her innovative idea was selected among the top 150 globally. She has also won numerous awards and certificates for her academic and creative endeavors, including a second-place finish in a district-level competition for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic’s, a ninth-place ranking in the National Aeronautical Space Administration Olympiad, and an honor grade from RSM (Pg) College Bijnour for qualifying in a horticultural quiz.

Currently, Samar is working on her next book, with the goal of reaching and inspiring readers with her uplifting message that there is still hope and goodness in the world. She believes that writing for the betterment of others is more important than causing harm and division.