Aligarh: A minor woman in Aligarh was reported missing after she visited a Temple in 2015. Days after the incident, a dead body was found and a person named Vishnu was accused of killing the girl.

Vishnu has been in a jail in Aligarh since 2015 and according to reports, the girl he was accused of killing has found be alive recently.

The girl according to reports is married and was found to be living with her husband and two children. After Vishnu’s family raised the issue and demanded his release from jail the police re-ordered a probe. The girl has now been taken into custody.

On February 17 2015, a 17 year old girl’s father filed a police complaint in Aligarh stating that his daughter has been missing ever since she visited a local Temple. A FIR was lodged under Sections 363 and 366 of the Indian Penal Code. In March 2015 the police found a dead body of an unknown girl. The family of the girl identified the body saying that it was of their daughter. They also named Vishnu from their village, Dhanthauli and accused him of kidnapping her. They also alleged that she was last seen with him. Following this Vishnu was arrested and cases against him under Sections 302 and 201 of the IPC were filed.

Khalid Khan the sub-inspector investigated the case and a chargesheet was filed in December 2015. Vishnu was granted bail in 2017 after spending nearly two years in jail. Vishnu was however sent back to jail after the girl’s family requested the court to do so.

Meanwhile Vishnu’s mother tried to gather some evidence to prove her son’s innocence. After a lot of searching, she got to know that the missing girl is alive and is living in Agra. After confirming her identity, Vishnu’s mother sought help from some Hindu activists in Aligarh and then approached the SSP Kalanidhi Naithani. The police ordered immediate action and the girl has now been arrested from the Hathras gate area. Now the POSCO court has ordered her DNA test. Vishnu’s mother has now alleged that the girl’s family is seeking a compromise.

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