In a bizarre incident, two Kupwara residents have been arrested for setting a building on fire in which a non-local resident was killed earlier this month.

Local News Agency Kashmir Scroll quoted reliable sources as saying that two residents of Kupwara, who ran a restaurant in a three-storied shopping complex in the Batergam area of North Kashmir’s Kupwara district, intentionally set the building on fire to claim insurance. This incident occurred after they failed to repay a bank loan earlier this month.

Tragically, during the incident, Muhammad Feroz Alam, an embroiderer from West Bengal who was residing on the third storey of the complex, lost his life.

The police were successful in cracking the case within a week and have arrested the two individuals involved.

A police officer stated to News Agency Kashmir Scroll that several individuals identified as Abrar and Zakir were interrogated, and during questioning, two individuals who were running the restaurant in the building emerged as suspects.

The officer further commented that after a thorough investigation, both individuals admitted their involvement and confessed to setting the building on fire.