With the aim to provide, the residents of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir with violence free, corruption free drugs free society a new political party was formed two years ago.

Within a span of two years the Jammu and Kashmir Nationalist people’s front has become a formidable force, where the people of the entire Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir have extended support to the party.

The people across the Union territory want violence free, corruption free and drugs free society for which JKNPF has become their voice.

To elaborate more on the agenda of the party and seek masses support, and to make the dream of violence free, corruption free and drugs free Jammu and Kashmir a reality, the party held a day long convention at the Sher-e- Kashmir Park in Srinagar.

The party is like a fresh breeze in the traditional political scene of J&K which has since long been dominated by dynasts with little difference.
JKNPF has self arisen from the grassroots level without any external support.

Since the revocation of Article 370, JKNPF have had 500 plus reachout programs and in each of their programs, party has spoken of emotional integration of J&K with the rest of the country and has been vocal against family based politics, politics based on soft separatist identity and functioning of current political parties as private limited company.
The people across the entire Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir have shown tremendous response to the party and accepted the party and its agenda with open arms.
The youth faces of the party ( JKNPF) have been garnering credible support of public with a strong mission statement ; Corruption free, Violence free and Addiction free J&K. They had reached out with relief work during Covid-19 and other natural calamities.

The youth faces of the party have been reaching out to public even in the remote areas with its clear agenda and mission statement. The party has assured people to work for the following issues;

1) To boost the shattered morale of the youth of the state by definite measures.

2) To work for violence free Kashmir.

3) Will review KCC loan cases against the poor farmers.

4) To generate more employment and to provide counselling to youth for different jobs.

5) To take steps towards statehood to J&K and overall peace and prosperity.

Underlying the chief motive of JKNPF, Sh Sanjay Kumar, the founder and the chief patron of the party lauded the party workers for their massive outreach even during the pandemic.
He further urged those present to continue working towards Violence free, Addiction free, and Corruption free Jammu& Kashmir. Only this goal can turnaround things in J&K.

Similarly Sheikh Muzaffar the founding President of JKNPF said enough is enough, look where the world has reached while we are still counting the dead bodies here. He stressed that the foremost task of the party is to stop this and to make J&K progressive in this changing world.

The party leadership also urged the local residents especially the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to be the messenger of the party and help take the message of the party to the local masses.

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