SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Government terminated a Watch and Ward Assistant of the former Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council for taking Rs 5 lakh from a person promising a government job.

As per the details, the assistant, identified as Fayaz Ahmad Bhat, faced serious charges after allegedly receiving a hefty sum of Rs. 5 lakh from a person namely Dilawar Manzoor from Berthipora, Shopian. The money was reportedly taken under false pretences of securing a government job for Manzoor.

Bhat was served with a memorandum outlining the charges against him and was given 15 days to respond. The charges included the accusation that Bhat unlawfully accepted Rs. 5 lakh from Dilawar Manzoor, part of which was deposited into his bank account, with the remainder paid in cash.

The alleged action was carried out with the promise of securing a government job for Manzoor. Such conduct was deemed a violation of Rule-3 of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees (Conduct) Rules, 1971.

The investigation into the matter revealed that Bhat’s actions tarnished the image and reputation of the institution. Following a thorough inquiry, the charges against Bhat were substantiated, leading to his dismissal from service with immediate effect.

The dismissal, in accordance with Clause (viii) of Rule 30 of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1956, also renders him ineligible for future employment. -(KNS)