Suhail Rather

Bandipora: Ghulam Nabi Tantrey is a man who has dedicated his life to improving the lives of orphaned and needy children in Jammu through education. He understands that education is the most effective tool for reducing poverty, and he is committed to providing free education and all necessary study materials to those who cannot afford it.

Tantrey was a prominent contractor in the district, taking government construction contracts in 1992, but he left his business to serve society through education.

He founded “Doon International Public School” with the primary objective of providing free education to orphans and needy children.

Tantrey is deeply committed to creating a stable and healthy environment for these children, providing them with new classrooms, water and sanitation facilities, uniforms, school bags, stationary, and hearty meals throughout the day. The school aims to provide an environment where each and every child can access all types of courses that will help them increase their skills and knowledge.

Tantrey spends time with the children to fully interact with them and to provide them with the support they need to succeed in their education. His ultimate goal is to provide the best educational environment for orphans and needy children.