In a significant operation, Nighat Jabeen, Deputy Drug Controller in Kashmir, uncovered a consignment disguised as medicines.

The vigilant deputy controller, Nighat Jabeen and her team seized the shipment at Air Cargo Srinagar, acting swiftly upon receiving information from a tax officer and state excise officer.

“We caught this consignment under an informed tip from Air Cargo Srinagar. After we received the information, we took immediate action on it, and my team reached there. “During inspection, we got to know that the names on the box didn’t match the actual recipient,” Mrs Nighat Jabeen said.

“This consignment was not for him. It was meant for an auto driver currently in lock-up with a misleading label of ‘ornaments’ on the outside. It was drugs on the inside because we have now experienced it,” she added.

This incident marks the fourth raid since last year, underscoring the persistent efforts to smuggle addictive drugs under the guise of innocent items.

Notably, a previous consignment, purportedly containing a nebulizer, unravelled to reveal addictive drugs valued at three and a half lakh rupees.

Further investigation is awaited.–(ANI)