Lecturer, Poet, and Translator making strides in preserving Kashmiri heritage

Basit Lone

Shopian: Ashraf Raavi, a distinguished figure with a multifaceted range of talents and expertise, is making significant contributions to the fields of political science, literature, and the preservation of the Kashmiri language. Raavi’s commitment to these endeavors has earned him recognition and accolades, showcasing his dedication to promoting Kashmiri culture and heritage.

As a respected lecturer in political science, Raavi has dedicated his career to understanding and teaching this field of study. His passion for political science shines through in his lectures and academic pursuits, earning him the respect of both students and peers.

“One of my primary goals is to promote and preserve the Kashmiri language, to recognise its importance in cultural preservation. To achieve this, I have authored numerous books, both in Kashmiri and English, to raise awareness and appreciation for the language,” said Raavi.

Furthermore, “his commitment to the Kashmiri language extends to translating various works into Kashmiri and English, making valuable teachings and stories accessible to a wider audience.”

Among my accomplishments is the publication of “The Conscience of Kashmir,” an English translation of Kashmiri short stories that illuminates the region’s rich cultural traditions and diverse narratives. By making this work available on platforms like Amazon, I ensure that a broader audience can access and appreciate Kashmiri literature, gaining a deeper understanding of the culture,” said Ravi.

It’s worth mentioning, that Ashraf Raavi’s remarkable contributions as a political science lecturer, poet, critic, and promoter of the Kashmiri language are commendable. His diverse talents and unwavering dedication are essential in upholding the cultural heritage of Kashmir and fostering intercultural understanding.