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A 33-year-old doctor died from a cardiac arrest in Sao Paulo after a haemorrhage in the liver, CNN Brasil said in a report.

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Doctor Rodolfo Duarte Ribeiro dos Santos was popular on Instagram where he used to post photos of working out in the gym.

The outlet carried a statement released by the clinic where the doctor worked in which they denied that he died because of the use of anabolic steroids.

“The doctor and bodybuilder suffered a cardiac arrest following a haemorrhage resulting from an adenoma (a type of benign tumour) in the liver,” it said in the statement.

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He died in a private hospital on Sunday (November 19), the outlet further said.

The Instagram star had over 10,000 followers and was recently engaged to Caroline Sanches, who is also a bodybuilder.

Dr Santos was a partner at the Abbas Duarte clinic, located in Moema, in the south of Sao Paulo and Ms Sanches worked there as a nutritionist.

It is not known if Dr Santos was receiving treatment for the tumour.

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He regularly posted photos from his daily life including time spent with his fiancee and at the gym. Dr Santos also used to show off the stunning results of his patients and other athletes and bodybuilders whom he gave guidance to.

Dr Santos had degrees in Sports Medicine and in Exercise Physiology from the Federal University of Sao Paulo.

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Ms Sanchez posted a video a day after her fiance’s death which shows him playing a guitar and singing. “A little bit of our intimacy. My love playing a praise that we love. As we agreed: Forever and ever,” she said in the caption.

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