Dehradun: In a shocking incident, a woman was thrashed inside Jogiwala police checkpost in Dehradun. The woman, who is stated to be critical, is undergoing treatment in Coronation Hospital in Dehradun. It has been alleged that the woman was taken to the checkpost by the police for interrogation in connection with a theft case, and was tortured and given electric shocks.

The woman works as a servant in the flat where the theft took place. After a secret enquiry into the allegations of torture by the woman, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Janmejaya Khanduri has suspended the Jogiwala police checkpost in-charge Deepak Gairola. The SSP has ordered a thorough investigation in the case and said that action will be taken if other policemen were found to be involved in the matter.

Devendra Dhyani, a resident of Mohkampur, had lodged a complaint of theft in the Jogiwala police checkpost on May 15. Dhyani is a retired scientist and lives in a flat in Mantra Apartment. In the complaint, he said that he along with his family had gone to Delhi on May 7 due to some work. Thereafter his neighbour on May 14 informed him that the door of his flat and almirah of the house are open.

When the complainant returned to Dehradun on May 15, he found that cash, gold and silver jewellery were missing from the flat. Dhyani complained to the police which then reached the Nehru Colony house of Manju (victim), who used to work in the complainant’s house, for interrogation.

The victim said that three female and one male police constable came to her house. It has been alleged that the police during interrogation first thrashed her and threw away her belongings and then took her to the checkpost where they put ice on her apart from giving electric shocks. The victim was also beaten with belt and shoes and also abused. Later the woman in critical condition was dropped at her house. The neighbours took her to Coronation Hospital and admitted her.

The relatives of Manju said that she continues to remain in critical condition and she is not even eating. They said that no stolen items have been found in the house of the victim.

SSP Janmejaya Khanduri said that in the medical report, injuries have been found on the body of the woman. A thorough enquiry has been ordered in the matter.

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