Today I am going to narrate a bitter truth regarding drug addicts and mafias who are selling it in broad daylight and It is not necessary that everyone agrees with my opinion. Every problem that happens in daily life must have some reason but every problem brings with it a solution. When any problem arises in a society, the intellectuals of the society must concentrate to solve it so that the problem may be solved and will not become a major problem in the future.There was a time when no one in our hilly areas was even aware of the name of drugs but today unfortunately far-flung areas are also addicted to drugs. As a nation we need to think about this issue and take practical steps to address it, so it is important that we are fully aware of the dangers of this scourge so that we can secure the future of the future generation.The present age is the age of innovation and In this age, increasing responsibilities on children and youth are crippling them mentally, due to which children and youth will start using drugs in search of coins. Doing so makes a person feel tempted for a while but gradually it becomes an addiction which stops the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional development of the individual and the individual distinguishes himself from the rest of the society. He uses more drugs to restore his self, but the use of drugs has a detrimental effect on his personality, and in the individual society.He becomes helpless because his only source of income is his intoxication. The main reason for this may be that while living in the society, a child or a young person may be burdened with more responsibilities than he can handle, or he may have bad company.Drugs are one of the major evils in our country. The main reason for drug use is distance from religion and ignorance of its harms. Unemployment is also a factor. Different types of drugs are easily found for these youngsters in different forms. Some people in the society sell drugs for the sake of money. They ruin the lives of others overnight for the sake of making money and the house where they are laughing is destroyed due to the drug. Drugs are forbidden in Islam. The hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaha be upon him) is as follows: The biggest disadvantage is that the things that are forbidden in the pure religion of Islam and those things that are being used in our society are the cause of the destruction of the society. Because when a person is addicted to drugs while living in an area, he will cause chaos in the society and if he does not get drugs, he will commit theft, robbery, adultery, misconduct and all kinds of evil deeds and It causes embarrassment and shame not only for his family but for the whole tribe, region and society.Unfortunately, the young generation of our society is getting more and more involved in this addiction day by day. He joins the young generation in drugging them and promotes his business. And this class is the asset of the nation as if the cause of destruction of a nation is drugs. And especially because of the lack of education and awareness among the youth,the trend of drug addiction is on the rise due to which our society is deteriorating day by day. It is very important for the young generation to play a positive role in stabilizing any society but if the young generation is addicted to drugs which will shape the future generation handicapped. After all, the establishment of a stable society is not only difficult but also impossible due to drug addicts.In order to eradicate drugs, it is necessary to form committees of dignitaries and scholars in every village which are fully functional and have door-to-door access and social boycott of drug dealers if they are identified. Review the process and support the administration so that our generation can be saved from tasting the fruits of the tree that has been developed and used in the society.In this regard, social workers from all walks of life, social and political activists should have a meeting with their respective adminstration but this meeting is not only for taking selfies but also to take practical steps to protect the future of their generation. If strict action is taken against drug mafias who are selling drugs in broad daylight then society can be saved from a catastrophe. Now drugs have reached to educational institutions easily which is a case of great worry and demands attention of intellectuals to eradicate its roots from the society other wise our future generation have to suffer alot in nearby future

Bol ki Lub Azad Hain Tere
Sheikh Mudasir Nazar