We carry the patient on our shoulders and there is no doctor in the hospital, this is a failure of district administration- Locals

We are always ready for the people, all these allegations are baseless- Superintendent District Hospital Shopian

Mir Aasif

Snowfall was also witnessed in Shopian district along with Kashmir Valley. Normal life was paralyzed by the snow. Due to the accumulation of snow on the roads, it has become impossible for people to leave their homes. The patients were carried on their shoulders to the hospital.

A patient was also carried on shoulders at the District Hospital Shopian. People allege that this is a proof of the failure of the entire district administration. People also alleged that there was no comfort for the people in the district hospital. The grief of the people was seen for the district administration.

People also alleged that the district administration had failed to remove snow from the roads.

“What happened to my sister today may not happen to anyone else tomorrow. When we arrived at the hospital, there was neither a doctor nor a superintendent. Despite having a generator in the district hospital, there is no sign of electricity in the hospital”, attendent

People also said that when we asked the hospital administration to run the generator, an excuse was made that there was no oil.

“The generator operator said that there were no patients in the hospital so I would not have to run the generator, even though we saw a lot of patients in the hospital lying on the bed,” said the attendent

People say that this is a proof of the failure of the entire district administration and hospital administration.

In this regard, when we spoke to the Superintendent of District Hospital Shopian, he said that these are completely baseless, our entire team is always there for the good of the people. All this is completely baseless, doctors are always present in the hospital.

When we talked to the district administration about the work of removing snow from the roads, they said that our machinery is already on the roads even though the snow is not stopping. We are always there to serve the people, even though people are asked to be patient.