Senior most face of congress and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi held a one to one interaction with Prominent social activist and tourism stakeholder, Houseboat industry face Faisal Khankashi.

The duo discussed pivotal society and environment issues.

Rahul Gandhi lauded the youthful exuberance and acumen of Faisal Khankashi, and vowed to be part of his journey connecting with youth of Kashmiri Youth in terms of their social betterment, and keeping eye on issues facing nature and environment of the country .

Faisal Khankashi extended warm greetings to Rahul Gandhi and hoped all the polity of India and we the citizens will make India the strongest nation of world.

Faisal Khankashi vowed to carry forward the coordination with national leadership of the country for the betterment of Jammu and Kashmir. He hoped that leaders of National repute like Rahul Gandhi would further contribute in making a prosperous Kashmir.

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