Shopian: Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Making Media association under the name “Media Fraternity Shopian”.

A dynamic and inclusive Young Journalist community dedicated to empowering creators and reshaping the landscape of media.
With a mission to foster collaboration, innovation, equity, & transparency, the Media Association aims to revolutionize the way we produce, distribute, and consume media in the digital age.

The media association consists of 11 members, including the president, vice president, Treasurer and spokesperson. The key members are as follows:

  • 1.Mr Shariq Peerzada: President of the association.
  • 2. Junaid Gulzar: Vice President of the association.
  • 3. Bhat Farooq: Treasurer of the association.
  • 4. Aaqib Naik: Spokesperson for the association.

With Shariq Peerzada as the president, Junaid Gulzar as the vice president, and Bhat Farooq as the treasurer, the association has a strong leadership core. Aaqib Naik serves as in the spokesperson, responsible for representing and communicating the association’s message to the public.

And members as:

  • 1. Meer Irfan
  • 2. Razwan Hamid
  • 3. Aakif Rashid
  • 4 . Fazil Tantary
  • 5. Mir Aasif
  • 6. Towfeeq Naik
  • 7. Basit Lone

Media Fraternity Shopian a newly formed media association dedicated to promoting journalistic excellence and fostering a collaborative environment, is delighted to extend an open invitation to media professionals across the region to join its ranks.

Ahead of the elections, a body was also formed to look at all election activities.