Faisal Bukhari

Srinagar: A Rajouri resident woman fraud with more than two dozen men from Kashmir and escaped every time after marrying.

While Speaking to News Agency Buland Awaaz (BAN) in press enclave srinagar a resident of Budgam’s Khan Sahib said that he was approached by a marriage broker before couple of months ago showing him the photographs of Said woman for marriage.

He Said after the marriage proposal his family along with some relatives reached Rajouri and booked some hotel rooms and finally got married. They therefore returned to Kashmir.after returning home she told her husband that she wants to get a checkup from the hospital.

He went to get the hospital ticket, when he came back, the woman (his wife) was missing from the spot, he Said. One of the victims father said that other than these three lakhs and eighty thousand (80,000), we had taken gold worth more than five lakhs as the Mehr (guarantee) for the Said woman.

Similarly, other victims face the same as he said that she was at home only for ten days in Chadoora Budgam, however, after that she fled from the hospital. Another person (name with held), a resident of Budgam in central Kashmir said that he too was married to the woman. “They have forged their documents.

They do not show their real names to anyone. She vanished from the house during the dark of the night with everything that was inside the house.another Budgam resident claimed that the woman (his wife) went to the hospital with his mother and escaped from there too.The lawyer representing them claimed that the racket is big and there are many people involved in it.

There are several people who have been looted by this woman and other in the gang. On the marriage documents he name appears to be Zaheen, Ilayas and Shaheena, but nobody knows her real name,” he said.he also said that in Budgam only, she has married at least twenty seven (27) men with the help of the brokers.–(BAN)