Aadil Abdullah

Bandipora: Senior political leader and Sarpunch Gundjahangir ‘B’ Noor Mohammad Bhat along with EXIN, AEE and R&B on Wednesday Visited Gundjahangir Sonawari area of Bandipora District and Reviewed road situation in the area.
While talking with JKNN Correspodent Noor Mohammad Bhat “Said’ that our main roads as well as inner links of the Gundjahangir are in dilapidated condition, in rainy season our inner links is like rivers by Which we are facing many problems in the area. Bhat said that our roads are deprived of Drainage system.
He added” l earlier met with Secretary Sports Council Mrs,Nuzhat Gul regarding the sports ground of Gundjahangir & she has assured him that tenders for the Grond will be issued within 6 months.
Noot Mohammad “Said’ all inner links of Village will be Macdamised soon, with Hajin Gundjahangir Road work will start this month, 10 crores Under NARBARD Will Benefit Whole Gundjahangir & Other area’s.