(Painful Story of a Father who lost everything)

Nothing left at our Home ,A father’s cry after Sharing his pain

Sheikh Imran

Srinagar: Nothing left at our Home Now ,said A father at press enclave srinagar and Cried after sharing his pain about his home and His Life , due to his drug Addicted Son.

“I request Srinagar police particularly SSP Srinagar Rakesh Balwal (IPS) to Not to release my son as he didn’t left anything at home due to his Adiiction of biggest cancer which we have In our Society “DRUGS” said a father from Chattabal area of district Srinagar”.

While talking to THE VOK “He also added that, “I took my son & went outside of valley for his treatment so as to recover him from Drug Addiction But Nothing changed . Police arrested Him many time but he remained same, even worst than before “.

He is completely blind in Addiction. For his drugs, he crossed every single limit Like he became thief.

He even didn’t left anything at home. I sacrificed My whole life For Home, Never put my head down In front of anyone due to my honesty But because of him Now I’m not able to look up in society , my life has become hell. I’m at that age of life where I need his support but Now i feel like till death, I have to walk on my own strength , I don’t feel that He could give me a drop of water when my whole body will Become helpless and I’ll be Looking for help through his hands. Being a father I Fulfilled all his Needs while sacrificing my own But in return he Gave Me a lot of pain till today and i feel like I lost. Nothing Remained the same in my life. I’ve lost everything, even my hard earned respect

I Request all the parents Please Take care of your children from their beginning and take them in your Strict control. Just support them for their better Future , Once They will be out of control Your life will Become hell. Even You’ll not be able to find any place where you will feel relaxed in your whole Life.(The VOK)