The main aim of these changes is to eliminate online financial fraud and tighten scrutiny.

The new SIM card rules introduced by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) in August this year will be implemented from December 1. The rules will bring a variety of changes, including banning the sale of bulk SIM cards, mandatory registration of PoS franchisees, and police verification of SIM dealers, among others. The main aim of these changes is to eliminate online financial fraud and tighten scrutiny.

Here’s a look at the changes that will be implemented from tomorrow:

•Registration for telecom agents

According to the new rules, point-of-sale (PoS) agents will sign an agreement with the telecom service provider to prohibit them from engaging in illegal activities. PoS agents could be fined ₹10 lakh and their service would be terminated for three years if they found practising illegal activities.

Sellers will have 12 months from December 1 to follow the new registration requirements. This is expected to assist the government to identify, blacklist and remove sellers doing illegal activity from the system.

•KYC rules

Demographic details are compulsory for buying new SIM cards or applying for a new SIM on the existing number. The details will be captured by scanning the QR code on the Aadhar card of the person purchasing the SIM card.

The mobile number will be given to a new person only after 90 days of disconnection by the previous customer. Also, the subscriber will have to complete the entire KYC process for SIM replacement and there will be a 24-hour limit on outgoing and incoming SMS facilities.

•Bulk buying of SIMs

The government has halted the bulk sale of SIM cards to prevent digital fraud. However, sim cards for businesses, corporates or events would be permitted with know-your-customer or KYC norms applicable to all individual sim card owners. Also, customer will still be able to buy up to 9 sim cards on one ID card.

Talking about the misuse of bulk sim cards, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said in August, “Earlier, people used to buy (mobile) sim cards in bulk. There was a provision for this to buy sim cards in bulk. However, it has been decided to end this provision. Instead, we will bring a proper business connection provision which will help in stopping fraudulent calls,”