New Delhi: The National Child Development Council (NCDC) demanded that Moral Science should be made as a mandatory subject in the school curriculum.

The organization has passed the resolution on seeing that moral science, which should be taught to students is not being done in many reputed schools across the country.

A statement issued by the NCDC officials reads that, “there is no denying the fact that moral science is a subject which ought to be taught to students. The need to teach moral science has become more important than ever before, particularly due to the rising rate of crimes among school going children.”

The statement further reads: “we as an organization believe that it is important to teach Moral Science as it inculcates the relevance of virtues such as honesty, integrity and respect for elders. It is herein pertinent to mention that some of these virtues are missing among a large section of youngsters and that is leading to degradation of moral values among them.”

The NCDC members also expressed concern over growing use of tobacco and alcohol amongst the younger generations.

“Growing use of tobacco and alcohol amongst the younger generations is indeed a very disturbing trend and the same had to be tackled at the school level,” the officials said, adding that the role of school in shaping the character of a young mind has gained primacy, particularly because of nuclear families and parents finding it difficult to spend quality time with children due to their busy schedules.

One of the officials has said, “the pandemic scenario has added more importance to the issue, as it has been a common complaint of parents that children are facing psychosomatic disorders, concentration issues due to online game addiction during the pandemic.”

The official said that the drastic consequence of online game addiction is that it causes mood swings, anger and indiscipline, “while it is submitted that moral science as a subject will help a person to cool his temper and realize that we receive respect only when we give respect.”

The organization herein requested the authorities to consider the relevance of the issue and direct all the schools in the country to make moral science a mandatory subject.

Pertinently, the resolution was passed by the organisation in presence of its core members, which include: Risvan M, Baba Alexander, Sudha Menon, Dr Sruthi Ganesh, Bindu Saraswathibhai, Arathi I S & Thomas KL.