Srinagar: The National Child Development Council (NCDC) expressed its delight in announcing the successful placement of its alumni, Neethumol Shaji and Safreena P K, in prominent educational institutions.

Neethumol Shaji, a distinguished graduate of the 71st Batch of the Montessori Teacher Training Course, has secured a teaching position at Mount Zion Central School. Similarly, Safreena P K, hailing from the 66th batch, has been appointed as a teacher at Bright English School, Thalassery.

Both Neethumol and Safreena underwent rigorous training under the guidance of Evaluator Incharges Bindu S and Smitha Krishnakumar. Their dedication and commitment to excellence have been duly recognized, leading to their successful placements in reputed schools.

The NCDC, an autonomous organization committed to the welfare of women and children, plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality education for children across India. The achievement of Neethumol Shaji and Safreena P K reflects the effectiveness of the training programs offered by NCDC in nurturing skilled educators.

In a statement, a spokesperson for NCDC conveyed heartfelt congratulations to Neethumol and Safreena on their remarkable accomplishment.

The National Child Development Council (NCDC) is a leading autonomous organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of women and children in India. Established with the aim of ensuring holistic development and education for children, NCDC offers various training programs and initiatives to empower individuals and communities.