J&K: The National Child Development Council (NCDC) core committee members during their recent meeting have expressed concern over the war going on in between Israel & Palestine.

The members said that, “NCDC is always against war, and has been promoting peace, thereby the council wants to see peace in both the regions (Israel & Palestine).”

They said that they don’t want war anywhere in the world, as there is no profit from wars, but only losses.

One of the NCDC Core Committee members has said that the Israel-Palestine war may have serious consequences on people.

He said that, as per the newspaper, lacs of children had to escape from their country due to this war, which must be stopped now.

Another member said that: “It is disheartening to hear the news about the war in between Israel & Palestine, as children & women mainly suffer there.”

She said that there should be complete peace & happiness, while war should be stopped at the earliest.

“It is one of the largest continuing conflict, where human rights violations are going on. Innocent people are losing lives during Israel-Palestine conflict. We can pray for peace process in the regions,” another NCDC core committee member said.

She added that people of all the countries should stand against these wars, and should also stand for human rights violations, as people maily children and women are suffering a lot.

Notably, National Child Development Council (NCDC) is an autonomous national child welfare organization, established to promote the welfare of women and children, besides ensuring education of children in India.