Srinagar: At a time when the Bangus Valley, TeePee, Sadhna and Keran in frontier north Kashmir’s Kupwara district are receiving much attention from the visitors, a new site by the name ‘Danna’ has already emerged on the scene and is attracting visitors from far and wide.

Nestled in the captivating landscapes, the Danna village offers a truly enchanting homestay experience that promises to blow you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by providing authentic cultural experience, breathtaking natural beauty and the warm hospitality provided by the local hosts.

Situated along the Line of Control, this remote and tranquil destination is not just a getaway, but a journey into the heart of nature’s beauty and the warmth of local hospitality where visitors can enjoy cozy wooden houses, stunning views, and the chance to savor delicious homemade meals prepared with love and care.

The homestays in Danna Village provide an authentic experience, allowing you to connect with the locals and savor delectable traditional cuisine amid nature’s soothing breeze. Whether you seek adventure or a serene retreat, Danna Village is the perfect place for one to relax and rejuvenate himself.

In a bid to give a boost to the tourist activities, the locally stationed Indian Army has extended its support to establish homestays in this remote area. One such homestay, located in Danna, the final village in Machhal, is gaining popularity for its unspoiled nature walks and awe-inspiring scenery. This initiative has been not only promoting tourism but also creating economic opportunities for the local community.

The army besides extending its support to build homestays has also inaugurated a bridge in the vicinity, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility for the villagers. The newly setup bridge serves as a vital lifeline, connecting the remote village to neighboring areas and facilitating the transportation of goods and services.

The efforts of the Indian Army in supporting the establishment of homestays and inaugurating the bridge demonstrates their dedication to fostering sustainable development and uplifting the local communities in remote Kashmir. Then also these initiatives not only allow these regions to showcase the natural beauty but also provide opportunities for economic growth and cultural exchange.

The success of the Danna Village homestay is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Army and the villagers in promoting sustainable tourism practices. Together, they are preserving the village’s natural resources, traditions and fostering a positive impact on the local community.

At a time when we have an abundance of tourist sites in Kashmir including that of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Doodhpathri, Yousmarg and other such places we ought to shift our attention towards these virgin lands to get an experience of a lifetime.

Danna village homestay has everything you might be looking for. With the Army’s support, you can for sure embark on a journey filled with warmth, beauty and cultural immersion.

Not only this, but you’ll additionally get to visit some fairly popular places on your way to Danna village which include Zamindar Gali (Z-Gali) and Machil.

Zamidar Khan Gali (Z-Gali), located at an altitude of 3150 metres from sea-level, is also known as the Gateway to the Valley. Z-Gali offers its visitors a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas on the lines of Gulmarg and Liddar valley. The road then leads to the beautiful Machil valley, which acts as a corridor to more than 15 villages draped in nature’s diverse hues.

After Z-Gali comes Machil, or the “fish” valley. This picturesque village abundant with streams and meadows is a nature-crafted landscape for treks and picnics. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains of Nunwan, Machil has a population of around 2000.

The village is known for its potatoes, turnips, and rajma beans awaits to tickle your taste buds with its exotic and aromatic delicacies.

Owing to the limited avenues available to the local populace, Indian Army has been playing a huge role in providing job opportunities to the people. Besides providing job opportunities, the army has been providing facilities and labor work for the locals, including road making and repairs.

So let this season be one when you have Danna in your itinerary, if you are at all avid to see how it looks atop several thousand feet above the sea level.