Madhya Pradesh: The Police in Madhya Pradesh have arrested 104 people in connection with the communal attacks on Muslims at Khargone on April 10, all of them are Muslims.

Of the 26 FIRs (first information reports) registered in the past two days, one only has been lodged by a Muslim complainant.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Indore Division, confirmed to Muslim Mirror that 104 have been taken into custody and 70 of them have been sent to the prison. He said a total of 26 FIRs, including one by a Muslim, have been recorded based on the complaints received.

He said the minority community is not coming forward to give complaints about the registration of a case.

However, locals alleged an atmosphere of fear has been created; therefore, Muslim complainants are not going to police stations for registration for FIRs. They are afraid of getting arrested if they approached the police. Earlier it was reported that Local Muslims who went to a local Police station to register a complaint were assaulted inside the Police station and later arrested.

Within two days of the violence, more than 32 shops and 16 houses belonging to Muslims were arbitrarily brought down.

Pertinently anti-Muslim violence was reported from five states across India on Sunday during the annual Hindu festival Ram Navami when Hindus barged into Muslim localities and attacked Sufi Khanqahs, mosques and Muslim-owned properties.

Hindu mobs accused the Muslims of pelting stones at the Hindu procession of Ram Navami- a claim denied by eyewitnesses. Scores of videos clearly show Hindu mobs raising provocative slogans in front of Mosques and attacking Muslims.