Srinagar: The National Child Development Council (NCDC), a national child welfare organization, held a condolence meeting, and paid tribute to Chandni, who was abducted and killed in Aluva area of Kerala.

In the condolence meeting, NCDC evaluator Bindu S has said that instead of feeding criminals in jails, heavy punishment should be given to them, adding that such incidents should not happen in future.

Similarly, Regional office administrator, Muhammad Rizwan said that strict action should be taken against accused, while NCDC teacher Sudha Menon advised parents to make children aware from an early age, that how to keep a distance from strangers for safety.

NCDC Master Trainer, Baba Alexander said that instead of keeping the culprit in jail and feeding them food, legal judgments should be brought to complete the trial and sentence the accused in such barbarous cases.

The committee members have unanimously shared their condolences with the bereaved family.

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