A four-year-old boy from the United Arab Emirates broke the record for being the youngest individual (male) to publish a book, proving that age need not be an obstacle to achievement.

According to Guinness World Records, at the age of 4 years and 218 days, little Saeed Rashed AlMheiri from Abu Dhabi is the world’s youngest person to publish a book.

“His record was verified on March 9, 2023, after he sold over 1,000 copies of his children’s book The Elephant Saeed and the Bear. It is a story about kindness and an unexpected friendship between the two animals.”

But, Saeed is not the only record-breaker in the family; in fact, his older sister, AlDhabi, served as the inspiration for his book.

According to Khaleej Times, his biggest supporter and mentor has been his 8-year-old elder sister, AlDhabi, who holds the record for being the youngest person to publish a bilingual book series (female). Prior to this, she also set the record for being the youngest person to publish a bilingual book (female). A thinker and innovator, AlDhabi is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country and runs the local publishing house Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids .

“I love my sister so much, and I enjoy playing with her all the time. We read, write, draw, and do so many other activities together. I wrote my book [inspired by her] as I felt that I could have my own book too,” Saeed Rashed AlMheiri told GWR.

“It is about the elephant Saeed and a polar bear. The elephant had a picnic and he saw a polar bear. He thought the bear was going to eat him but, in the end, the elephant showed kindness and said, ‘let’s have a picnic together’! Then they became friends and showed kindness to each other,” Saeed continued by outlining the storyline of his work.